01 January 2008 | 0 comments

The Journey has Begin ~

Hye all =)

First of all, wanna wish all of you,
"Happy New Year!! Welcome 2o08!! yEzza!!"

sO, how bout ur 20o7? hMm..jUst askinG urself k? hehe..

sekarang ni, aku cuba melangkah setapak lagi ditempat asing..
ditempat yang memang aku tak pernah pergi..
jauh dari manusia-manusia yang aku kenal..
untuk melupakan peristiwa-peristiwa 07' yang telah penatku lalui..

I walk the line without direction.
Never knowing where I'm going
and generally not really caring.
As long as I'm moving I know I'm still living
and that keeps me putting one foot
in front of the other.
Never care bout what will be the block,
who's care!
I just know that i keep walking to find
and forget something in my line

Keep Moving! Even slowly, but it's time to change right?

End of 2008 and WelcomE 2008

Heyya, it's time to open a new book, start a new journey,
from good to bad, from bad to good, who's care!

mE? I just hang out with my friend on Dec 29th, join him ROTTW Soundstage 2007.
yeah, that's is my first time =) kinda cOol huh, i think, i wanna go with life like this..
it's will give me the peace life without all those thing that make me feel, "Arghh!!".

This life to enjoy right?

-end part one-