26 September 2007 | 1 comments

aLL bOut mE

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hye all, how's life buddy?
actually, i'm not kinda good la today,
damn flu + lil fever ~ ! argh,

Eyt2, i just wanna ask u something la,
what do u know about l0s3r?

am i one of them? Hmm, i think, yes :D
i'm losing everything right now,

losing her,
losing job,
losing friend,
losing best friend,
losing life,

but, los3r will not always lose,
just because, lose just a part of life,
so if u Dare To Lose,
that's is the most important thing to be the good enterpeur..
am i right?

even i always lose, but i'll never end it up,
cause everybody doesn't know their pit stop,
so, we must learn + gain experience to build the future,
plan the future, create it! not just accept it :D

so? what's up man ~ ! never get down, cause this life is short, so just left the problem behind,
move on buddy!! if u see me right now, yeah! i'm cOol but i got lots of problem that never
be solve it :D but, what for i wasting my time think about that shit,
better i walk through the darkness and i sure, the sunshine is right there, in the end of the darkness..

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