16 December 2007 | 0 comments

gOodbyE 2o07!!

assalamualaikum to all muslim and peacE to the others =)

my 2o07

Jan - fuLL of sadnEss cOz bReak up with hEr..
Feb - dAmn lOnely dudEs..
Mac - 7 mAc? nOthinG fOr my birthdAy..

Apr - stArt a new jOb (with thE tiE dUdes, hAhaha)
May- dAmn tirEd causE of wOrk but i'm gOod with it cAuse i waLk my taLk..
Jun - Let mE think bOut it..
Jul - dAmn! my bOs sharE partnEr rUn away wiLL cOmpany incOme..
Aug - jObLess, dAmn it! i lOse my jOb jUst bEcausE tHat m****rf****r dAmn cArzy bOut mOney!
Sep - stArt dOing my fReeLancE..
Oct - QuitE gOod, cAn sUrvivE this lifE with my freeLancE =) and tHats mEan i waLk my taLk again..
Nov - timE to takE somE rEst..dAmn tirEd with aLL sh*t arOund mE
Dec - yUhuuu, timE fOr enjOying this lifE with aLL my buddy =) without any b*tch bEsidE mE =)

fOr mE, 2o07 is nOthing except the emO's years for mE..aLL thing i dO, dAmn sUcks, cause everytimE i dO my wOrk, it's remaining mE to hEr..maybE hard to accEpt it but, i learn something sincE i be K-Drama Addict (ahaks), "My Sassy Girl" - that cutE girL said, "If You Love Her, You Must Leave Her and Let Her Feel The Happiness". yaya =) right huh ;) so, what evEr happEn, lifE must gO on right? and maybe i'll continue my further study somewhere..sO, gOod bye my sadnEss yEar!! Let's start a new lifE!! cAiyOk2x!!