07 February 2008 | 1 comments

Memory and studies

Every single human will study from he/she was born until his/her last breath,

baby, we learn how to walk, we learn how to speak, we learn how to eat

kids, we learn how to play, we learn how to jump, we learn how to run, we learn the friendship

teen, we learn how to fall in love, we learn how to be more social, we learn how to dress-up..

and the process will never stop, even until the soul wanna out from the body, we still learn how

to remember all the memory between you and me,

the memory between family and best friend who always support us,

the memory between our Ex (no matter ex-gf, ex-bf, ex-wife, ex-husband),

the memory between the friend who always backstab us, taking badly to us,

what ever happen, today moment will become tomorrow memory..

so, just keep cheering in front of people beside us to let ourself be the part of memory for them..

ahaks, lets continue bout my story,
fyi, i still tired dowh, my body still hurt, Banting, Selangor to Sitiawan, Perak with motocycle, my old skOol kriss, PDU 2527, (Just like in Gila-Gila Remaja Part..Kuu jejakk..hehe). 7pm from banting, and this tyme i just make it slowly, so, i arrived around 10 something la..

and fyi too, i continue my study at MCS Colllege, banting in Dip. of Office Administration..ngee, i'll snap a picta and try to post it a.s.ap. ok? I with the office dress-up (yuckss!!) try imagine, computer fr3ak with all those thing, aiyohh! damn weirdo! hahaha, but what can i do, study right? hmm, 1 month and 10 days, with 1034DOA107 matrix card, my 1st test had been done succesfully (actualy, i still shock dowh, my brain still not expired aa..hehe).

and thank you very much to all who always supporting me, my parent, my sista, teapot, plum, yana and everybody larr..thanks a lot buddy :D i'll try do my best for all of you k?