07 February 2008 | 1 comments


yes, i'm trying to love you..

yes, i'm trying to care about you..

yes, i'm trying to give all what i have to you..

yes, i was failed..

yes, i can't do my best to give you the happiness that you needed..

yes, i'm really-really sad because can't be perfect guy..

yes, its true i got lots of girl friend beside me..

yes, they just my best pal..

yes, you're the no 1 because you always with me..

yes, i'm not lying to you..

yes, life is unfair..

yes, you're the best among the rest..

yes, because you always stay behind me..


emm.. do what ever you want,

if you feel, i always hurting you,

forgive me..

if you feel you uncomfortable with me,

leave me..

if you feel that i always bother you activities/life,

forget me..

i'm nothing right now, i just only have something called the friendship..

sorry for everything..

maybe someday when me and myself wake up from all the past,

i'll be a new one..reborn,

now, the process is begin..

p/s: thx for everything that you have done for me, everything that you give to me, i don't know how to show my appreciate, cause i hav' nothing right now dear.. sorry & sorry..and last but not least, i just read your blog..