19 April 2008 | 0 comments

Are you smoker?


Enjoy this wonderfull video clips!! To you, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your friend, to all the smoker specially, for me and myself :D
Let's Calculate!

I enjoy this life with Dunhill 14 every single day..to be more relaxing and make myself out from stress..
per day : 14 x 1 = 14 (actually more than that, hehe)

per month : 14 x 30 = 420 (this video just use 400 cigar, so is just about 1 month)

per year : 14 x 365 = 5110 (woww..)
actually, i still new in this cigar-hard-fans, only 7 years.. (hehe)
full : 5110 x 7 = 35770 (ahaks)
so, try to imagine my lungs right now..

hmm, maybe like the right side of this picture..

so, i think, this is the right moment to slow it down before it become more worst