03 January 2009 | 2 comments

Money: Everything,Something or Nothing

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If you ask that question to me, i'll stick with SOMETHING!


With MONEY, you can:

Buy a HOUSE (Everything) but not a HOME (Nothing)

Buy a CLOCK (Everything) but not TIME (Nothing)

Buy a BED (Everything) but not SLEEP (Nothing)

Buy a BOOK (Everything) but not KNOWLEDGE (Nothing)

See a DOCTOR (Everything) but not GOOD HEALTH (Nothing)

Buy a POSITION (Everything) but not RESPECT (Nothing)

Buy BLOOD (Everything) but not LIFE (Nothing)

Buy SEX (Everything) but not LOVE (Nothing)

Yes, we need money for life, but never life for money. Yes, I just proved it. I got RM3k on Dec 15th, and today (Jan 3rd), just left RM300 something with me. Did i spend it for myself? No! It's for my parent, my sister, my friend, my gadis..That 3 hundred, I'll spend it to pay the fixed line, the router for the streamyx. So..? Did money is everything for me? No! Did money is nothing for me? Just a lil bit. So, I'll stick with SOMETHING. =D