20 August 2008 | 0 comments

New Semester!


Salam, Hi all :D

Just wanna inform to you that i just start my 3rd semester, for this semester, I'll learn Organizational Behavior, Business Communication, Internet and E-Business, Computer Principle and Office Administration 1. Phew, all the subject are theory subject. Actually, i'm not really good to remember things, even a small things, fyi, I just remember a few of my friend phone number :D

I like to subject that my brain can start working, not remembering but what else that I can do? Just try to achieve the best result, and I will try my best (even I'm not interested with this course). What ever happen, life must go on right..?

Okay, that's all for now, I wanna take some rest. Every time I sit in front of my laptop, I just keep googling "PSD to XHTML", "Wordpress Theme Tutorial", "Blogger Template Tutorial". Haha, Okay all, have a nice day buddy.