20 February 2009 | 8 comments

IKM Besut, Terengganu in Memory

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Hi all, I just have a chat with Salim Ahmed @ Alim (Alim la sangat..!) and he remind me all the memory at my previous study at Mara Vocational Institute (Institut Kemahiran Mara) Besut, Terengganu. Nothing much, just have a little conversation with him. Which one is Alim? The guy that wearing snow cap at the picture above!

Something about Alim:
  • live in Shah Alam, Selangor
  • currently at Ipoh right now, continue his diploma in Computer Engineering
  • the guy with violent face, but don't worry, he quite cool person! (Jangan marah no alim)

and for your information, maybe Izham Khawari @ Sepang and I will come out with 'something' but we still on 'brain storming process'. Sepang? The first guy on the left! (botak lagi time ni..wakaka).

Something about sepang:
  • my weirdo friend, but I think we have a chemistry with each other
  • got his nickname because he from sepang, haha.
  • a have lot of differences but we still can share everything.

Okay guys, if I found something interesting, I will come out with the memory entry. Hehe, and to all my friend from IKM, just buzz me! And I will update this entry! Hee, Peace

p/s: Shinchan, Saleh..jgn nak emo plakk! Hahaha, ampa bizi dengan gadis..apa bley buatt