23 February 2009 | 12 comments

St0rmFury Apologize (Lowyat.net Forumer)

Firstly, thanks to anonymous because inform me about the apologize statement from St0rmFury.

St0rmFury | Posted 2/19/2009 9:27:52 PM

I made a mistake. I offended some people that I should not offend. I made fun of the way they pray to their god. It was stupid of me but I didn't mean any offense. I regret it now and I apologise for all I have done. I have received many threats over the phone and I fear for my life. Police reports have been made against me and I worry that they will come for me. Attempts have been made to locate me and they are getting closer and closer. They may have even succeeded.

I want to clarify that I am not an Islam hater and what I did, I did it as a joke. A joke too far perhaps, but still a joke. I did not foresee this happening. Perhaps I have been lulled by many years of living in religious harmony that I was deluded into thinking that it's ok to poke fun at each others religion once in a while. Whatever it is, what's done is done and I wish I could turn back the clock.

Once again, I wish to apologise to all Muslims that I may have offended and I promise never to do something like this again if I am spared from this ordeal. This has been a very harsh lesson to me.
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and here is his formal apologize.

Okay bro, this will be the lesson for you. I accept the apologize and I hope you will NEVER do the same thing again or I think, "You're DEAD MEAT". We can respect your religion, and I hope you can respect us too. That is MALAYSIA about.

Prinsip aku senang saja, untuk kali pertama, kita boleh maafkan dan dia pun dah mintak maaf. Korang nak cakap ape, korang cakap la. Tapi aku harap, ko tak ulang benda yang sama St0rmFury, aku masih ada hati perut tapi TOLONG la, jangan la bergurau macam tu lagi. Kita bukan kat "Tanah Melayu, China, India, Indonesia, dll", kita kat "MALAYSIA". Malaysia = majmuk, we should respect each other buddy. Okay?


Muhamad Hadi Ahmad