12 February 2009 | 2 comments

New 'Cloth' Arrived!

Salam and hi to all visitor.

Firstly, I would like to say "Thank you" because visit my blog (hee :D) and keep supporting me even I know my older theme quite 'chaos'. Haha :))

This is the layout by ThemeLib and I modified it to make this blog more interesting.

What's New?

New Logo!

Hahaha, but I think, this only for temporary. I'll create a new one (maybe.. ;)) hehe)

Smiley in Comment!

You like to smile? Hehe, feel free to comment with smiley!

Link Exchange

Exchange your link with me! Click here to exchange you link with me, and I will choose to put in my "Link Exchange" widget.

Shoutmix with Nice rounded box

Just keep "bla..bla.." or what ever in my Shoutbox, avoid spamming ("need RM?","Easy Money?") X(

So? What do you think this new 'cloth' for my blog?