08 February 2009 | 0 comments

Youtube - Kisah Budak dan Gigi

Assalamualaiku semua!

Kah..Kah..Kah..Kah! (curi tukartiub punya gelak) Adoih2! Macam orang tengah layan "GAM" ja..

Hahahahaha! Adoih!

info: This is my 7 year old son who had an extra tooth removed last summer, 2008.

I had the camera because he was so nervous before and I wanted him to see the before and after.

He was so out of it after, I had to carry him out of the office. The staff was trying to keep from laughing. I had tears from laughing so hard.

He is doing fine now and the teeth are great.

Best of all he is the best kid as is his brother William. I couldnt have asked for two better sons!

2/3 Update: Video camera is a flip video. not bad for $150 bucks!

"Is this the real life" (00:17) Kah Kah Kah! "Why This Happening To Me" (01:36) Kah..Kah..Kah..